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Power | Stability | Affordable


The MoVI XL has the power and torque to stabilize the heaviest lenses without compromise.


One of the main reasons we offer the new FreeFly System’s MoVI XL to our clients is its ability to carry almost anything. Although we love our smaller stabilized heads, only the MoVI XL can stabilize a camera payload without forcing camera department to scale down their kit.

The second reason we offer the FreeFly MoVI XL is affordability vs performance. The MoVI XL offers excellent performance for the price. Almost equal to some of the industries’ most prolific systems, the MoVI XL can provide a powerful cost alternative that will not break the budget. 


When you need power, torque and stability nothing outperforms the MoVI XL when your budget is on the line.

- eric bergez, industry sherpa


If you have never used FreeFly’s MoVI XL before, you are in for a treat. Industry Sherpa can provide you with a variety of solutions, and we are happy to demo the system for your camera department and grips should that be necessary.


See what Industry Sherpa & the MoVI XL can do for your next project


When you don’t have the time to piece everything together, we will do the work for you. Industry Sherpa will prep the camera car (ours or yours) and have the MoVI XL ready for action when your crew is ready to shoot. All you need to do is tell us when and where and we will be there with the gear.



The MoVI XL is the perfect system for your crew when you don’t want to sacrifice performance because of a tight budget or limited production schedule. Rent the MoVI XL and let your own crew provide the services. We will still be here to help answer any questions your team needs to make the system perform flawlessly.



The perfect option for productions that need a powerful stabilized head and want to guarantee their camera department that it will work when their operators are ready to shoot. We prep the rig, help your AC’s mount the camera to their liking and provide technical support, operating and/or training when necessary.


Parent Company
Industry Sherpa

Maximum Camera Payload
55 lbs

Wired or Unwired
MoVi Controller Included

Camera Car, RZR, Crane, Cablecam, Railcam or Robo Head

High Torque, 1500W Peak Power

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